Peep this interview i did in the Philippines with Nous by Homme Et Femme in collaboration with Ronnie & Joe Optical Salon 

It takes a special kind of ear to detect something aurally pleasing, add an attention-commanding beat, and get peoples’ bodies and souls to respond. With his ability to elevate tracks, it wasn’t long before ESTA. sparked the interest of Soulection, a record label that serves fresh sounds to the world through its radio show and collective of offbeat music makers.
Since he signed with the label, ESTA. has lorded the decks at Coachella, gone on a “Paradise” tour across the West Coast, and laid down track after transcendental track, from a nostalgia-spurred remix of theRugratstheme to a butter-smooth soul production like Jordan Rakei’s “All for Something.”
Before heading out for a nine-city European tour, ESTA. dropped by Black Market during the Manila leg of “Soulection: The Sound of Tomorrow,” ministering to revelers starved for sounds both distinctive and danceable. NOUS got to talk to the San Diego-based beat maker about his first time in his parents’ homeland, using Tumblr as a loudspeaker, and the movie fight sequences he would have killed at scoring.

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San Francisco Tilt
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View from above the whiskey table, 1924 x Chippewa
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Fruit loops, Tiny PMS match

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